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Broken Shocks???
 The main contributing factor to this is the fact that the HWH system has the ability to over inflate the rear bags. This pushes the rear suspension beyond the travel of the shocks and breaks the center shaft. This also results in the ride height valve system being over extended and can break the valves and linkages.
  I am finding that the main cause is that the system is designed to increase the air to the drive axle bags when the tag axle is lifted to compensate for the weight increase to the drive axle airbags. The problem here is that the system does not stop pushing that air to the drive bags until the tag returns to its down position. When driving in heavy traffic or sitting for extended periods of time with the tag lifted, this will cause this issue as the tag is designed to return to the down position automatically when the coach reaches 7 or 12 MPH depending on which program it has in the HWH brain( normally when shifts to 2nd gear under normal acceleration). There is no true fix for this issue but there is a few things you can do. Remember that the reason for lifting the tag is to reduce wear on the tires and increase turning radius at low speeds. If you are not making tight turns or backing up in a tight turn situation the tag does not need to be lifted. And be aware that you don't allow the tag to stay in the lifted cycle while in gear for more than about 4 minutes at any one time. You may have also heard of the shock limiting straps. These are not a full proof fix but are an accessory that can be installed to help reduce the possibility of shock breakage.


 Lets talk a little about solenoids

 Yes all the Desiel pusher coaches have ignition solenoids (relay)

  We need to not confuse this with the start solenoid. The pupose of the ingnition solenoid is to supply a continuous uninterupted 12 volt source for the dash systems. This is what is being refered to as a continuous duty solenoid. Unfortunatly most all coach manufacturers used a low amp solenoid and the result is earlier than usual failure.  being refered to as the start solenoid. This is a simular solenoid installed in the rear of the coach. It supplies dedicated direct 12 volt to the starter solenoid that is mounted on the starter itself when the key is turned to the start position.  We have found on many of the 08 Intrigue and magnas that this start solenoid was no longer used causeing a chattering of the starter when ingauged. It is a simple install to add this solenoid to these coaches and solves the chatter issue.

 Basicaly the purpose of these solenoids is to insure a reliable 12 volt power source to the componants due to the long runs of wire that are involved in getting power from one end of the coach to the other.


Preventive maintanance.
To lube or not to lube

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions and hot maintanance tips you should know to keep your RV on the road safe and sound.

Q: Did you know that most squeaks in your suspension are from dry and weathered rubber or neoprene bushings.     A: Neither did most of the places you get your vehicle lubed. We recomend using "ru-glide" rubber lube.It can be found at most auto parts houses and local full service stations. Just spray it on at every lube and away go your squeaks, thereby extending the life of components.

RECALLS: Contact us for a full list of recalls that may apply to your RV. We can also recommend a list of excellent service centers across the country to ensure you are safe on and off the highway.

Q: Does synthetic transmission fluid really make a differance.     A: Yes, it does. We have been monitoring the effects of syntec fluids for quite some time now, and have found that transmissions can run as much as 50 degrees cooler under heavy loads and mountainous conditions. Most people we have spoke with have commented that they also experiance smoother operation and increased pulling ranges. So, we have to believe that it is a higher initial investment but well worth it. On an Allison transmission the interval for oil and filter change is increased to every 25,000 miles, rather than 12000 miles. We have also had a lot of good feed back on synthetic engine and differential fluids.We recomend the change  AAA+++.

How well does your coach drive.
Here is a little test.

1.Does your coach pull to the left or right?

2.Do you feel as if you are fighting the wind on days that aren't windy?

3.Are your tires showing signs of abnormal wear?

4.Do you feel a vibration or "shimmie"?

5. Poor returnability?

6.Does it take excessive effort to steer?

7.Does you steering seem have excessive play (too "loose")?

8.Does speed or braking affect create a change in any of the above conditions?

If you answered yes to any of these you should have a qualified Tech inspect your front-suspension and alignment have them recomend and estimate any repairs. This can reduce costly repairs at a later date and also greatly reduce driver fatique .

Warranties and your Rights

Will after market parts void my warranty;

Many individuals would lead you to believe that this is true because warranty work generally pays less per job then normal work. By spreading the myth that aftermarket parts void a warranty some facilities avoid low paying work, by charging the customer for service work that rightfully should be covered under warranty.


Most vehicle owners are not aware that they are protected by federal law under the Magnuson - Moss Warranty -Federal Trade CommissionImprovment Act of 1975.Under this act aftermarket equipment that improves vehicle performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer's original warranty ,unless the warranty clearly and conspicuously states that aftermarket equipment voids the warranty.Most states have warranty statutes,as well ,which provide further protections for vehicle owners.

In Other Words

This means that an authorized facility must honor a warranty and can't deny his legal warranty obligation just because you have installed an aftermarket part.You can find out if any aftermarket parts actually void any of your warranty by checking your owners manual.You will be looking for words like "what is not covered ".Though vague and somewhat negative,it is merely stating that your warranty does not have to cover any aftermarket parts.It does not say that it voids the vehicle warranty.

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