Here is the style PTO
We recommend installing the wet kit upgrade if you have this style PTO

click here to download PTO Power Point Presentation.

  We now have the research complete and are making available the PTO wet kit for the Cat HYD pump application.

Download a copy of PTO-101. An informational and educational tutorial edited by Lee Zaborowski with contributions from Bob Handren, George Harper, Roger Uhlich,and Herb Strandberg. This is a must read for ALL Country Coach, Monaco, Safari, Beaver, Alpine, Bluebird and Foretravel coach owners. This is a must read for ALL Country Coach,Monaco,Safari,Beaver,Alpine,Bluebird and Foretravel coach owners.

click here to download a copy of PTO 101a

UPDATE 5/27/09:
  We are now finding on some of the 2008 cummins that the PTO is mounted on the drivers side of the transmission. This  is the same system and is also in need of the PTO wet kit upgrade. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Location of PTO
Passenger side of Transmission /On some 08-09 with Cummins it may be on the drivers side.

This is the HYD pump/power steering pump tandem.

HYD Pump only

UPDATE 5/28/09:
We have now determined that with the Eaton Hyd Pump there is a diference in the conversion kit needed for the upgrade. The Eaton pump is easily identified by its BLUE color.We also have the upgrade kit for this system available.

Eaton HYD Pump

Eaton HYD Pump

This coach has the wet kit installed


 I have spent a considerable amount of time researching as many coaches as I can, from the 04 Inspire to the newest Affinity. The following is a brief summary of the findings.

I have found that on coaches with the Cummins engines and Allison transmission from late 04 do have the Chelsea PTO that is running a dry spline. In addition the coaches with a Cat C-9 and larger with the Allison also run the Chelsea PTO with only the HYD pump attached to it. What I have found on the Cat is that there also have been many failures of the spline assembly at around 18,000 miles. If this failure should occur it can be quite expensive to repair. Presently it can take 6 to 8 days to get a new HYD pump depending on your configuration. By adding the wet spline kit prior to a failure it can save you a few thousand dollars or more and lots of down time. Should you have a HYD pump failure I have found a distributor that can supply the new pumps and I do have PTO wet kits available.

Although the power steering is not run by the PTO on all coaches. It does operate the HYD fan for the engine cooling and Allison transmission systems. A failure will cause an over heat of these systems and could strand you in an unsafe situation along the roadside.

If you have any questions about the systems on your coach please call or email us. We are here to answer all your questions.

    Neither the PTO manufacturer nor the Hyd pump Manufacturer is taking any part in warranty of any kind at this time. The parts are being made available by these componant manufacturers but you must pay. I have spent a good amount of time contacting service centers and setting up a referral network to help you get this up grade.

I have also assembled an upgrade wet kit for the PTO this includes the necessary parts for converting the PTO to a wet lube system


  What we are offering is not referred to as a recall. The original recall also consists of replacing the hyd pump should it fail and relocating the power steering to the back of the air compressor on the engine.You will see in the NHTSA post on our Hot Topics Chssis page that there has been an amendment to the recall filed by country coach and accepted by NHTSA. It states that the power steering pump is no longer required to be moved. This will eliminate a costly and unnessassary repair. If there has been no failure then the Hyd pump should not need replaced at this time. This can be a quite expensive repair.

  As for the PTO time will tell but chances are it will fail if not upgraded to a wet lube system.

  I have put together a kit to upgrade the PTO to a wet lube system. These are the components that are recommended by Chelsea and Saurer - Danfoss the component manufactures. I have also set up a network of Service centers to do this upgrade. The labor involved takes less than 4 hours depending on the configuration of your coach. We can set you an appointment with one of these service centers and ship the parts directly to them or you which ever works best for your needs.  If you have a service center that you trust and depend on we would be more than happy to discuss and train them to help insure you get the quaility work you seek. Just give us a call we are here to help you!!!

Click Here To Order Your Upgrade Kit Now

Notice: JDRV Services is not affiliated with nor are we performing or claiming to perform NTHSA compliant recalls for Country Coach, LLC.


Page 1

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Non Compliance Information Report

Pursuant to 49 CFR part 573


13 November 2008

On 15 September 2008, Country Coach, LLC decided a vehicle safety defect exists in certain 2006-2008 Magna and Affinity motor homes and furnished notification to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in accordance with 49 CFR Part 573 Defect and Noncompliance Reports. NTHSA Recall File 08V-484 was assigned.

This amended 573 was prepared and submitted on 13 November 2008 to reflect a change in the proposed remedy. The new parts availability date will be the end of January 2009. Upon confirmation of parts availability, proposed Customer and Service Provider notifications will be forwarded for review and approval prior to mailing.

The information required by your regulations follows.

1. 573.5 (c) (1) Manufacturer’s name and address.

Country Coach, LLC

135 East First Ave.

P.O. Box 400

Junction City, OR 97448

6. 573.5 (c)(8) Description of proposed remedy: AMENDED

Country Coach has determined that the original proposed remedy be amended as follows.

Each Country Coach motor home identified as having the potential safety defect will be inspected to determine if there are any signs of wear to the splines of the existing dry spline Power Take-Off (PTO) and drive thru fan drive hydraulic pump to determine if these need to be replaced or not.

Depending on the results of this inspection, one of the following repairs will be made:

(A) NO spline wear (fretting corrosion not manifested):

1.The dry spline PTO will be replaced with a lubricated (wet) spline PTO.



Page 2

2.Existing drive thru fan drive hydraulic pump and power steering pump will be re-installed in its original orientation.

(B) Spline wear IS manifested (result of fretting corrosion):

1.The dry spline PTO will be replaced with a lubricated (wet) spline PTO.

2.A new drive thru fan drive hydraulic pump will be coupled to the existing power steering pump.

3.The coupled together pumps will be installed in the original orientation to the wet spline PTO.

It will not be necessary to relocate the power steering pump to the engine mechanical drive pad.


 All pre-approved returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee. Please call for Return Goods Authorization number (RGA). Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. All refused shipments or returns without pre-approval are subject to a 35% restocking fee. There are no returns allowed of Carburetors, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Kits, Electrical Items, Starters, Alternators and Engines (partial or complete). Special orders cannot be cancelled or returned. Any item older than 30 days, not in original packaging or was installed is non-returnable. Please refuse any package/shipment that is received damaged. All hidden or concealed damages or shortages MUST BE reported within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. All items are subject to the manufacturers limited warranty only. JDRV Inc. an jdrv1.com shall not be responsible for incorrect parts ordered.


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